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Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London

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2018 was, in general, a pretty good year for me. Certainly, parts of it were marred by handling my new hearing loss, but an assistive device (a speech-filtering microphone system) has greatly helped with this, although I am still functionally deaf in many environments. On the plus side, though, I moved house to the Kent coast and it has been one of the best things we’ve done in years.

In personal news, I released two EPs this year, one on Logical Records and the other with Nein. I also took up a fitness programme that has seen me lose 18kg of weight this year. I am now back up to being able to do 15 chin-ups, too, which feels good.


In academic terms, perhaps most significantly this year I was awarded the KU Leuven Medal of Honour in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This was truly a humbling experience for which I am extremely grateful. I also shared the Electronic Literature Organization’s N. Katherine Hayles Award with the volume’s other contributors and the editors for The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature. I was also awarded a grant this year from the Second Call for Funding for Non-Author-Fee-Based Publishing Initiatives (€30,500) from OpenAIRE, on which I was the PI. Development on Janeway continues apace.

In terms of academic publications, things went pretty well this year. I have a good pipeline in train and my next book is due out in the new year. As usual, a full list is presented below.

I wish all my friends and colleagues a merry Christmas season.


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