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Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London

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So, probably against my better thoughts with respect to quantified self stuff, I got a fitness tracker for Christmas: the Jaybird Reign. The trouble was, regardless of what I tried, it just wouldn’t pair with my phone (I’d followed all the instructions). I grudgingly waited until the tech. support team was open and got in touch, thinking I’d have to RMA the unit.

But, thanks to an extremely helpful customer support agent, I won’t have to. So, if you’re having this problem too and have tried all else (i.e. the device has never succesfully paired), the solution is as follows: insert the Reign pod into the charger dock (with the dock plugged in) and then remove it six times in a row. When you’ve done this right, all the lights will light up and the pod will do a little animation thing (the green light sort of sweeps across). After this, I was able to pair!