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Martin Paul Eve

Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London

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As a round-up of the academic stuff I have achieved over the past year, purely for my own benefit and in anticipation of like-minded posts from my Twitter followers with whom I would like to engage in group collective congratulations, here's a list!

First, and most importantly, I have been doing my job as a Lecturer in Literature at the University of Lincoln for a year. This has been wonderful and I continue to love the people I work with both students and staff.

Secondly, the Open Library of Humanities project has come on leaps and bounds. We have our first funding for technical infrastructure on which I'll be working from January until April. Yes, our initial timescale estimates were out and over-optimistic, but we're really getting somewhere now. I have an article on our business model that I'll be finishing in early January.


Module Coordination, Lectures and Seminars

  • MA: 21st-Century Literary Theory
  • American Literature I
  • Lost in the Funhouse: Experimental American Literature Since the 60s


  • Dislocations
  • Drama Theatre Performance
  • Intro to Narrative
  • Theory Wars


My Pynchon book was accepted and will be out next year!


Book Chapters

Conference Papers/Speaking