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OK, this is probably one of the most specific posts I've ever written, but...

I wrote a bash script to automatically fetch and parse the currently used data on the 4G EE mobile network in the UK that can then be used with Conky. It's a compact one liner that looks like this:

wget -qO- | awk -v OFS=' / ' -v ORS='' '/<span class="data-used">/{sub(/^[^0-9]*/, ""); dused=$0; match(dused, /^([0-9].?[0-9]?).+([0-9][^G]?[0-9]?)/, arr);} END {print arr[1], arr[2];}'

You can then call this from a conkyrc file with something like this:

${color #F09000}Mobile Usage${color #707070}:${color white} ${execi 900 ~/.scripts/}GB