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If you own an HP Photosmart C6300 series and upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10, you may have noticed that you are unable to set the scan resolution (DPI) in any of your programs. gscan2pdf has the scan resolution dropdown menu greyed out and you will be unable to get xsane to present you with a list of resolutions.

The answer is that the models.dat shipped with hplip versions under 3.12.10 contains an error. To fix this, you simply need to edit (as root) /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat and change


in the section called photosmart_c6300_series (it has to be this section, not the generic photosmart section).

For those who don't know how to do this, if you open up a Terminal window and type the following, you should, once you've entered your password at the prompt, get a visual editor that will make this easier:

sudo gedit /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat

Hope that helps somebody!