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I'm pleased to announce that Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon today launched into its second issue.

If you visit the journal at present, you may think that the issue is very small -- and you'd be correct. The journal has now moved to a rolling format, however. Articles will be added as and when they pass peer-review, copy-editing, typesetting and proofreading, rather than waiting until a whole batch have all been through this process. This works out better for authors and readers as neither party ends up sitting around with a stack of material that is inaccessible. Although this may disconcert some, this is the virtue of an online journal: we can move with speed to publish when the material is ready!

As you can see, though, the issue opens with Fabienne Collignon exploring Vaucanson's legacy and a letter from the enigmatic "John Dee" (who, for the record, *really* is not me) on his experience of organizing Pynchon in Public Day (an event in which I also have an organizational role).

As always: Now everybody--