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I've been a long-term user of Astrid and Producteev to manage my tasks list. When I went to reinstall Astrid today, I noticed that there was no longer a Producteev sync option.

After much digging about on the forums, I found that it's been hidden. You can re-enable by going to Settings -> Misc -> Enable Third Party Add-Ons. Then restart Astrid (may have to reboot Android).

The reason this change has been implemented is that support for Producteev is being phased out. This caused me some concern; I email my tasks to keep a separation between "todo" items and communication emails. However, unfortunately for Producteev, Astrid now do this in-house. Email to: and it goes on your list. They have similar natural language features like: "Get haircut (tomorrow)". I'm going to give this a go but looks likely that I'll switch.