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Probably not. But...

I was proofreading some articles for Orbit this morning (which, by the way, will come out now as soon as I have DOI number permissions), when, during fact checking, I came across the following:

Thomas Pynchon 1988

The picture is a yearbook entry from the Kansas State University yearbook, 1988, which was digitized last year. The image is not particularly clear -- and I cannot account, in any way, for why Pynchon would have been in this photograph (born in 1937 he went to Cornell university) -- but it does appear to show a moustached man, of about age 51 (in my estimation; he doesn't look like an undergraduate) clearly labelled "Thomas Pynchon" in the caption.

A joke? Named coincidence? Seems unlikely to actually be Pynchon, so I don't feel too bad about putting this up!

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