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The third conference I attended last week was a day called SuShI. The idea was to bring together the humanities and business worlds. It was, from my extremely critical Leftist perspective, a somewhat strange event. I attended talks on advertising and creativity schematising business theorists. I have to say that, although left still not entirely persuaded by the contents of their papers, it was an extraordinary fusion. I have never seen papers on these elements sit side-by-side with a sociological appraisal calling for the rights of non-human actors to be recognised under international law. We had references to Ernst Bloch alongside papers on digital advertising. Anyway, for the record, here's the archive:

SuShI: Thursday 17th May 2012

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Fab tweeting of #sussexsushi, from @martin_eve on #sushidig (better than mine! Kudos!)Lorraine Warren
@martin_eve looking at #sussexsushi now but #sushidig very helpfulHelenSloan
@martin_eve sounds like it's covering some of the usual ground now. Thanks for the notes and will email questions to speakers. #sushidigHelenSloan
Apparently there was other #sushidig tweeting on #sussexsushiMartin Eve
Much discussion of critical and creative spaces. My query: will these remain ineffectual as long as they remain outside spaces? #sushidigMartin Eve
Just had a Bloch reference at #sushidig. Not yet. Cc @the_blochianMartin Eve
Artists often didn't want to theorize their practice. Unsurprisingly, they want to practice as for of expression. #sushidig Martin Eve
Assertion on a shared process in arts and business. I'm all for hybridity, but uneasy with uncritical "artistic product". #sushidig Martin Eve
To be frank, I'm not entirely sure where this paper is going.... #sushidigMartin Eve
They looked to the humanities for novel practices in business management HE. #sushidig Martin Eve
Looking at business sphere and aesthetic discourses #sushidig Martin Eve
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux and Martin Gylling on now. #sushidig Martin Eve
Further erratum. Royksopp. Doh. Not voice pop! #sushidigMartin Eve
Cubitt says that challenge at the moment is to include non-human actors in the polis. The market is already. What about the env? #sushidigMartin Eve
Haiti finished paying compensation to French for loss of slaves in revolution in... 1947. #sushidigMartin Eve
Challenge for nation state is to extend rights to those who have no rights. The inadmissible governed says Cubitt #sushidigMartin Eve
Partition of populations is an integral part of project of Western modernity says Cubitt #sushidigMartin Eve
Even economics spoken about in terms of economics, as though there were no other means by which to describe exchange says Cubitt #sushidigMartin Eve
Many aspects of nationhood are only refuge from brutality of unrestrained capitalism. #sushidigMartin Eve
"We do not have rights. Politicians wit not call non-nationals refugees because then they achieve rights." says Cubitt #sushidigMartin Eve
Cubitt moving on to rights discourse. Critique of UN human rights document that excludes non-citizens. #sushidigMartin Eve
Video was Voice Pop - Remind Me #sushidigMartin Eve
Cubitt shows video by H5 for Norweigan electro pop that is emblematic of biopolitics. Statistical management of populations. #sushidigMartin Eve
Politics is "how should we live? " says Cubitt. We don't have this, but instead ethical: "how should I live?" #sushidigMartin Eve
Cubitt points out that storage costs seem to be going down, but eco cost is soaring. #sushidigMartin Eve
Sean Cubitt now on Ecomediation and the Politics of No Politics #sushidigMartin Eve
Interesting comment frm Cameron on continued disdain for digital practice in academia. Mirrors intellectual/manual labour snobbery #sushidigMartin Eve
Caroline Bassett made good point about digital jettison; should all be archived? Difficult: no immanent historicism for value #sushidigMartin Eve
Marie Sester's "Access" one of few pieces that works, says Cameron. Shows code. Brecht? #sushidigMartin Eve
Cameron talks of immanent perception as non-critical, no uncanny. Art stages the uncanny. Interactive art loses critical uncanny. #sushidigMartin Eve
Cameron now on to Brian Massumi and "the thinking-feeling of what happens" #sushidigMartin Eve
Feels like quite a bit of media art resentment here today! Danger of two arts cultures I think. What about shared space? #sushidig Martin Eve
“@MinxMarple @martin_eve disagree that fine art is not collaborative. It is often intensely & essentially collaborative process.” #sushidigMartin Eve
Cameron talking abt Nicholas Bourriaud's Relational Aesthetics & applying to media art. Can representational art connect w/ world? #sushidigMartin Eve
"As advertising is to digital, so fine art is to media art" suggests Cameron. #sushidigMartin Eve
Digital talent not following trad creative route. Most starving artists go through adv at some point. Not with digital. #sushidigMartin Eve
Little collaboration in adv - idea of romantic lone genius. Also hates testing! #sushidig #unittestwinMartin Eve
Few mosaics of ideas in advertising. Obsessed by big ideas. Adv also focuses too much on visual aesthetics, rather than "feel" #sushidigMartin Eve
Ha! Andy Cameron points out aggressive culture in advertising. Appropriation of ideas. No agility. No shared ownership of ideas. #sushidigMartin Eve
Asks what creative technologists do different from advertisers trying to do this. #sushidigMartin Eve
Andy Cameron points out that advertising agencies are good at storytelling, bad at software. Bad at fundamental coding level. #sushidigMartin Eve
I'm quite terrified by ideas of advertising desiring immersion software experiences. #sushidigMartin Eve
Andy Cameron using advertising as example to think through innovation and creativity. I'm not convinced by this. #sushidigMartin Eve
Advertising is obsessed by "digital" - failure to engage with present and future though. #sushidigMartin Eve
Cameron points out lack of critical voice on media art. Tech utilitarianism perhaps creeps in. #sushidigMartin Eve
Right, this really is Andy Cameron now! #sushidig Martin Eve
Excellent response from Bosma railing against apps and their closed nature. #sushidigMartin Eve
Eek. This may not be Andy Cameron. Apologies. Until further notice, it's "speaker". Sorry! #sushidigMartin Eve
Andy Cameron talking about fear of abundance and misunderstanding: digital economy act. Abundance can create value. #sushidigMartin Eve
Cameron says that many aspects appear both ephemeral and persistent - human life, for instance #sushidigMartin Eve
Andy Cameron is now on, talking about Values Systems in Art and Advertising: Notions of Craft vs Concept #sushidigMartin Eve
2 to develop tools and platforms 3 to initiate discussion (copyright etc) 4 media archaeology of art history #sushidigMartin Eve
Bosma giving some goals for art institutions. 1 serious openness and responsibility #sushidigMartin Eve
Bosma has the awesome famous sketch of ARPAnet up on a slide! :) #sushidigMartin Eve
They're held back, says Bosma, by fear of leaving it to "the pros" #sushidigMartin Eve
Bosma says that institutions must collaborate to build open software and hardware infrastructures. #sushidigMartin Eve
Bosma not an open source fanatic, but without openness, institutions keep making the same mistakes. #sushidigMartin Eve
Very few art institutions that really engage with new media art. Lucky to have Tate in UK. #sushidigMartin Eve
Information overload and distribution is false. Monopolies control majority of market. Google. Apple. MS. #sushidigMartin Eve
Attempt at digital transition from many art orgs is merely simulacrum of participation says Bosma #sushidigMartin Eve
Old school Darwinian archiving. Survival of fittest. Most reproduced is preserved because of distribution #sushidigMartin Eve
Standard art pedagogy is 2d reproduction. New media poorly understood because of non-experiential material taught says Bosma #sushidigMartin Eve
"The critical engineer looks beyond the 'awe of implementation'" #sushidigMartin Eve
"the critical engineer deconstruction and incites suspicion of rich user experience" #sushidigMartin Eve
Not same as artist-curator, but related. Also related to critical engineering manifesto. #sushidigMartin Eve
Thinking about notions of curator-engineer. Making art institutions part of art practice. Museum as network node. #sushidigMartin Eve
Bosma now up. First point about media art. No longer dark rooms. 2010s, the light is back! #sushidigMartin Eve
Warren says another research question is: if we want certain ethical creative processes to persist, how do we alter future value? #sushidigMartin Eve
Trying to understand, within creative sphere, how "value" is attached and to identify and question persistence. Ephemerality. #sushidigMartin Eve
Now Lorraine Warren giving Southampton's side. Cross-institutional collaboration and curious diversity. #sushidigMartin Eve
SuShI aims to provide an openness to difference, says Norman, rather than aiming for grim REFable cohesion. Ethical project. #sushidigMartin Eve
... although before Bosma, Sally Jane Norman is introducing us to the background to interest in digital temporalities. #sushidigMartin Eve
Josephine Bosma up first at #sushidig, speaking on Open Values and Multiple Temporalities Through Open CultureMartin Eve
Today I'm attending the Sussex-Southampton initiative, SuShI conference on digital research. May tweet on #sushidig.Martin Eve

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