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A quick, perhaps egotistic, documentary post to note that the Guardian have published their top 10 posts of 2011 and the piece I wrote with Jennifer M. Jones made the cut.

Indeed, 6 months after it was written, "Angry Young Academics" has returned to being the most read item on the site with 366 Facebook "likes" and 77 unique mentions on Twitter. If you're interested in reading the unadulterated version, don't forget that it's available on this site.

We also received an extremely kind email, recently, from Janice Newson, whose "Academic Callings: The University We Have Had, Now Have, & Could Have" deals with similar problems.

In the meanwhile, I'll also use this post to wish all readers the best for 2012. Or as I like to call it, the Year When I Will Finish My PhD.


Featured image by Monika Ciapala under a CC-BY-NC license.