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I've been working, over the past few days, on a web store for a client using Satchmo. I wanted to share some of my findings here so that others don't trip up at the same places.

Firstly, I've committed a fix that has been pulled into the mainline build which puts images from product variations into a JSON array on the product view page. This means, with suitable template modifications, that you can display alternate images based on which variation is selected - a green t-shirt for example.

Secondly, I've been working through the payment plugin, trying to find a suitable module. Things of which you need to be aware:

  • Using the sagepay module requires you to have the relevant certification for safe storage of credit card details. It is using the "direct" API mode.
  • Using the module has a similar requirement, as it is using the "AIM" API mode.
  • Using the Google Checkout module requires you to have an SSL certificate for your domain as it uses method 3 of the notification callback modes -- html. There seem to be several bugs in this module to do with clearing the cart when the user returns. I hope to have a fix committed for this shortly and it will be available at my bitbucket. You'll also need to enable "WSGIPassAuthorization On" in your vhost config file.

Anyway, I hope that saves someone some effort and will update on my progress.

On a final note: I wrote this entire blog post on my new Samsung Galaxy S2 using the SwiftKey keyboard and I'm pretty sure it was no slower than typing it on my PC.

Featured image by teleniek0 under a CC-BY-SA license.