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A quick plug for my latest Android application, which is now available in the Android Market: Crossword Helper. This is, fairly obviously, an application designed to help you finish crosswords when you are stuck.

You can get the app by scanning this QR code on your device:

Crossword Solver QR Code

The application has a built-in dictionary of approximately 300,000 words against which you can match your existing grid and/or an anagram.

Example uses:

Enter "t?s?" for "test"

Enter "elvis" to get "lives"

Blanks and Anagrams
Enter "orchestra" for anagram and "c???-h????" to get "cart-horse"

It's also my first experiment at selling something on the Android Market. In theory, I do not approve of this practice and prefer software to be free. For that reason, the similar service at will remain online and free to access. However, I am craving some extra revenue at the moment, so if you want offline support on your Android device, please give this your consideration.

Logo based, in part, on a work by CrosswordMan originally released under a CC-BY license.