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A few weeks ago, I tweeted that the first beta of Android for Mendeley was almost ready. This post is an update on that status. I'm afraid to say that, about ten minutes after I posted that status, I ran a test on the oAuth code only to find that it was not working. This was strange as I had made no changes and it was previously working. I immediately got in touch with the Mendeley API team (particularly the extremely helpful @phpeach) who promised to have a look.

The problem is, they are busy busy people, and I don't blame them for this. It has, therefore, taken a lot longer for the fix to come through.

The good news is that this has now been fixed at Mendeley's end and I can continue development. Here's what's left to do:

  • Finalize and create layout for individual item view
  • Add automated synchronization option (in pre-Froyo OS, this is more complicated as I can’t ask Android to schedule it)

I'm away all this week (scheduled posts FTW), but will attempt to get this on the market in the near future (ie. end of next week).