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Rockaby Project

I've used the snow so far this morning to start some pythonic refactoring of Rockaby.

As I mentioned in my project announcement, Rockaby started life several years ago and it was a quick morning's worth of hacking about in .NET to build something that I thought nobody would ever see. As such, the code was hideous and messy. For the first code-drop, I simply transliterated the .NET code into Python/Django. This made for some grim view manipulation:

# build an index of where this character occurs
    CharacterPages = []
    Parts = []

    # create a list of lists (to store page numbers)
    for counter in range(0,len(

    for episode in episodes:
        if character_name in episode.characters:
            Parts[episode.part - 1].append(episode.episode)
            epChars = episode.characters.replace('\r\n', '\n').split('\n')
            for s in epChars:
                epCharsSplit = s.split('->')
                if epCharsSplit[0].lower() == character_name.lower():
                    splitPages = epCharsSplit[1].split(',')
                    for pageNum in splitPages:
    ret = ''

    for counter in range(0,len(
        part = Parts[counter]
        if (len(part) > 0):
            ret = ret + '<p class="p1"><span><a href="/parts/' +[counter + 1] + '/" title="' +[counter + 1] + '">' +[counter + 1] + '</a>:'
            for i in part:
                ret = ret + ' [<a href="/episodes/' +[counter + 1] + '/synopsis/episode_' + str(i) + '/" title="Synopsis of ' +[counter + 1] + ' Episode ' + str(i) + '">' + str(i) + '</a>],'

            ret = ret[0:len(ret) - 1]
            ret = ret + '<br/></span></p>'

Anyway, the latest commit replaces that mess with the following view:

episodes_used = {}
presentation = []

for charsepinfo in charsinepisodes:
	if not charsepinfo.episode.part in episodes_used:
		episodes_used[charsepinfo.episode.part] = []

The models have now also been updated in the move towards abstraction from its original Pynchon-specific context. See the latest commit for details.