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Just a quick note to announce the release of .NETIDS v. - a small update that adds some valuable features:

  • Fixed bug of empty Report.Tags object
  • Added options to SecurePage to disable each type of scanning
  • Updated filters

Most significantly this means that you can control whether page Output Scanning is performed from a SecurePage derived page. For those who are unaware, SecurePage is the simplest inbuilt way of scanning a page in .NETIDS. Simply inherit your page from SecurePage:

public partial class _Default : DOTNETIDS.SecurePage

and add the method

public override void IDSEventHandler(DOTNETIDS.Report report, DOTNETIDS.SecurePage SecurePage)

This will ensure that your page is scanned in a secure-by-default fashion and also gives the option to disable each type of scan and add exclusions.

The latest package is available at the dotnetids homepage: