Plan S: Origins, Developments, Speed

UKSG. 10th April 2019.

A research paper

Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birkbeck, University of London

Plan S

Pan-European (and possibly broader) initiative for OA by 2020. Includes monographs with time delay.

A book

Common Objections

  • "Too fast"
  • "Will destroy learned societies"
  • Disciplinary exceptionality (APCs, third-party copyright, licensing)

What we don't know... #1

  • Hybrid: disallowed, or just unfunded?
  • How to handle third-party material (encapsulation, Article 13)
  • Legal status of transparency of costs

What we don't know... #2

  • XML/JATS deposit in green route: hard work
  • Support for alternative business models: how will this be provided?
  • When will this apply to books? What are publishers doing to prepare?
  • REF: in or out?

The End

Thank you!

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