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Martin Paul Eve

Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London

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I'm very pleased to be able to say that I will be speaking at the symposium on David Mitchell, organised by Courtney Hopf and Wendy Knepper, on the 9th May at NYU London. Should anyone else wish to attend, you can register interest online.

The programme is available to download in PDF form and below in plain text.</p>

10:00-­‐10:30: Arrival and Welcome
room 105/106

10:30-­‐12:00: Through Time and Space
room 105

William Stephenson -­‐ Secret Architectures, Concentric Pasts: David Mitchell and the Otherness of History
Bianca Leggett -­‐ Ethics, Entropy and the Translit Novel
Sarah Dillon -­‐ On the Evolution of Culture: Cloud Atlas, Memetics and Adaptation

13:00-­‐14:00 -­‐ Lunch
Information about venues and local eateries will be provided on the day

13:00-­‐14:30: Mapping Mitchell
room 105

Martyn Colebrook -­‐ Building Memories from Wor(l)ds: David Mitchell's Ghostwritten
Rose Harris‐Birtill -­‐ Mitchell's Mandalas: Mapping David Mitchell's Textual Universe
Martin Paul Eve -­‐ “some kind of thing it aint us but yet its in us”: David Mitchell and Russell Hoban

14:30-­‐14:45: Coffee Break
room 105/106

14:45-­‐16:15: Mitchell’s Global Fictions
room 105
Courtney Hopf -­‐ From Worcestershire to Dejima: Contact Zones in David Mitchell's "Other" Novels
Treasa De Loughry -­‐ Eco-­‐Apocalypse and Organising Nature in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas & Ghostwritten
Wendy Knepper -­‐ Cloud Atlas as Popular Postcolonial and Planetary Epic

16:15-­‐17:00: Closing Remarks and Discussion
room 105

This event has been organised by NYU London and the Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing (BCCW).